Conversational Marketing


The Top 7 Reasons You Need A Chatbot For Your Business

There are many reasons why a chatbot would benefit your business. By 2020 it’s estimated that 80% of businesses will be using a chatbot. They’ll be as common as a business phone number. Here are the 7 biggest reasons you need a chatbot today… 1. Availability They’re available 24/7/365 and never miss a customer by taking a break. They’re always

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What Is Conversational Marketing?

Traditional marketing can feel cold and impersonal. People buy from people. They want to feel unique. Want their needs met on an individual basis. To feel listened to and valued. It’s so much easier to sell if you have established a relationship first. And now there’s a solution. Say hello to conversational marketing… Conversational Marketing. What Is It? A one-to-one

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