Traditional marketing can feel cold and impersonal.

People buy from people. They want to feel unique. Want their needs met on an individual basis. To feel listened to and valued.

It’s so much easier to sell if you have established a relationship first.

And now there’s a solution. Say hello to conversational marketing…

Conversational Marketing. What Is It?

A one-to-one method of marketing, which enables customers to connect with you in real time. Using personalised messaging to find pre-qualified leads for your company.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, conversational marketing  quickly finds the data you need to see if you can or should proceed.

While marketing, your main aim is to get people to notice your brand. If people are already on your site, it’s a sign that what you are doing is working.

But it doesn’t mean anything unless you engage your visitors and get them to commit. So why send them to a page with a contact form they might never complete? Talk to them now and engage with them via chat.

Why Do I Need Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing builds on everything you’re already doing. It can create many more opportunities for companies with a high performing sales funnel.

Simply by creating a direct line of communication between you and your customers. Helping you find out what they’re really thinking.

Customers want to be spoken to. Asked about their needs on an individual basis, rather than be told ‘You want this – buy it from me now’.

Conversational marketing creates a better sales funnel for you. Having already qualified leads for you, saving you time and money. Whilst re-introducing the human interaction that customers like. Which many other forms of marketing seem to have forgotten.

Conversational marketing is extremely effective as it instantly engages the customer. It takes place at a time of their choosing making sure they’re willing and eager to engage with you. It makes you available to them 24/7. Giving them an immediate response to their queries, as and when needed.

People buy when they’re ready. Not when you want them to. The crucial point of conversational marketing is allowing them to open a conversation whenever they are ready.

So make sure that you are! 

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