GDPR Is Here THIS Week!
Is Your Business Compliant Yet? 

It's Almost Too Late ... Don't Risk  A Huge Fine!

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    Many small businesses seem to think that GDPR does not apply to them. It does.  
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    Your Wordpress website is not GDPR compliant out of the box.
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    The deadline for compliance is just days away!
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    Can your business survive up to €20 million in fines?

Don't Put It Off Any Longer
The Cost Of Ignoring GDPR Is HUGE!

You’ll have no doubt heard that Europe's data protection laws are about to undergo their biggest overhaul in 20 years. Or at least seen the acronym GDPR bandied about? 

You've probably received tons of emails from worried companies too? Begging for your consent to continue contacting you.

If somehow you haven't heard of GDPR, you're in for quite a shock! It’s a massive thing and it affects us all

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It's a new data protection law in the EU, which comes into force from May 25th, 2018.

The entire GDPR is a massive 88 pages! That's more than 50,000 words of legal text. You can read it all here if you’re that way inclined (or some kind of sadist!)

Making Your Website (And Your Business) Compliant Requires Understanding GDPR And How Your Website Works

Today is your lucky day. I've read the entire document so you don't have to. And I've worked everything out, with the help of a law agency, so I can help you stay compliant. 

Just as well. Because not following these guidelines will result in a fine of up to €20 million or 4% of your turnover. So it's worth taking seriously! 

If you think you're unaffected because your company or website is small, think again.

If you have so much as a basic contact form, you're affected. If you've ever stored any information
about any of your customers, you're affected. 

And for the record, Brexit will not affect the UK's adoption of GDPR either. Unfortunately, we're
all stuck with it. But don't worry. You don't have to deal with it alone.

So What Exactly Does GDPR Mean For You?

The aim of the GDPR is to give EU citizens new controls over their personal data and change the approach of organisations towards data privacy.

It includes the following rights for all individuals:

  • the right to be informed

  • the right of access

  • the right to rectification

  • the right to erasure

  • the right to restrict processing

  • the right to data portability

  • the right to object

  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including


In short; GDPR states that if your website collects, stores or uses any data related to any EU citizen. You must comply with the following:

  • Tell the user: who you are, why you collect the data, for how long and who receives it.
  • Get clear consent, before collecting any data
  • Let users access their data, edit it, and take it with them
  • Let users delete their data
  • Let users know if a data breach occurs

After lots of hard work (and legal costs) I now have the complete solution. 

I've worked out exactly what all this means. Specifically, how to make your Wordpress website GDPR compliant. 

GDPR For Wordpress Websites - The Solution!

Although GDPR covers a lot of ground. It boils down to three main points... 

1. Improve your technical security. And have a procedure to report any data breaches.

2. Construct a 'Privacy Policy' explaining how your customers data is used and their rights to access it.

3. Get consent to collect data. And handle any Subject Requests from your customers.

Deconstructing GDPR - So You Don't Have To

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    1. Improve your technical security. 
    Firstly, you need to make sure that your technical security is up to date. I’ve been developing and testing new and improved security procedures for Wordpress. They're ready to roll out in time for the GDPR deadline. You also need to implement a procedure for reporting breaches in security to the relevant authority and to the people (data subjects) involved. 
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    2. Construct a privacy policy.
    This is a page on your website that explains all of the rights your customers have and describes exactly how their data is used and how long it is stored. I have worked very closely with a lawyer to develop a template that just needs your specific information inputting before publishing on your website.
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    3. Get consent to collect data. Handle Subject Requests from your customers. 
    Getting consent before collecting information is a vital part of GDPR. I can update your forms to make sure they're compliant. Equally important; Subject Requests - the right for a customer to view / edit / delete the data you hold on them - are fundamental to GDPR. No matter what business you’re in, if you hold any personal information you will have to respond to a request at some point. I have developed a system to make this as automated and painless as possible. 

You're Probably Thinking
This Is Going To Be Expensive...

And rightly so, believe me, lawyers are very expensive!

If you've spent time at business networking events or Chamber Of Commerce meetings you've probably heard stories of people being quoted huge amounts by web developers or hosting companies. 

The comments section of a popular business site shows reports of companies quoting in excess of £500. One user said you should “expect to pay between £500 and £2000 depending on your setup.”

How much is the peace of mind and knowing that you've protected your business worth? 

If I charged my normal rate of £35/hour for all the research and testing that I've already put into this. We’d be talking at an absolute minimum of £500. And that’s not even including the lawyers fees. 

Then there's the time it actually takes to work on your own website. Improving the security; editing and publishing a relevant Privacy Policy; updating your forms; and implementing the automated system to handle Subject Requests. That's several hours work in itself. 

To be honest, given how much is at stake I would consider £500 - £1,000 a small price to pay.

But don't worry. Because I'm effectively splitting the legal costs between many people. And because I’ve managed to systemise, I can cut the time needed to replicate on your website. So you don’t have to pay anything like £1,000. Or £500. In fact, you don’t even need to pay half that. 

Introducing the

 'Done For You'
GDPR Compliance System

I've kept the cost as low as I can to make sure I can help as many people as possible.

The regular price is £347, a great deal compared to what others are charging. And a tiny fraction of the potential fines for non-compliance. 

But for a limited time I'm offering a £100 discount. That means your website will be fully GDPR compliant for just £247.

All you need to do to get this special rate is register before midnight on Tuesday 22nd May. 


PayPal account is NOT required. Simply click 'Pay by Debit or Credit Card'

Here's exactly what you're getting...

  • 1
    Improved security: your website will be updated to the latest software and procedures to minimise the risk of a data breach. 
  • 2
    Privacy Policy: I'll create a page relevant to your business explaining what data you collect and what it's used for. As well as telling your customers of their legal rights. 
  • 3
    Get consent & automate data requests: I'll update your forms to get the required consent and implement a system to automate data requests. 
  • 4
    Peace of mind: No need to worry about dealing with data requests. No need to worry about huge fines. Just carry on running your business as normal.

“It's a huge weight off our shoulders.”

“As a company we've been worrying about the impact of GDPR for months, years in fact. But Shaun took the time to understand exactly what it meant for us in simple terms and set about making sure we will be compliant in time. It's a great feeling not to have to worry anymore. A huge weight off our shoulders."

Mark Wilson
- Director, Chesterfield of England

“Very timely, was just scratching my head about this..”

Deborah Sare
- Contemporary Cottages

“I have been thinking about this for weeks but haven’t done anything yet.

Please count me in and sort it out for me...”

James Ashby
- Donation Boxes

“I kept seeing GDPR but had no idea it was relevant to me.”

“I can't thank you enough for firstly bringing this to my attention and then for sorting it so quickly and easily.

I kept seeing GDPR mentioned but had no idea it was relevant to me. As tiny one man band outfit I would never had dreamt that I needed to take it so seriously."

Paul Barnes
- Owner, B.P Piano Tuning & Repairs

Get The Lowest Price & Ensure You Beat The Deadline


I’ve kept the entire 2 weeks up to and including May 25th free to work solely on making your websites compliant. I'm going to be working flat out on nothing but GDPR.

But if the signups continue like they have so far it’s unlikely I'll have time to complete them all before the deadline.

So I'll be working on a first come, first served basis.

However, I am going to make a commitment to you now. If you sign up before midnight on Tuesday 22nd May not only will you get the lowest price but I will guarantee to complete the work before the May 25th deadline.

Just click the orange 'Get Compliant' button below to secure your place at the front of the line.

100% 'Peace of Mind'



PayPal account is NOT required. Simply click 'Pay by Debit or Credit Card'

The Complete GDPR Compliance System

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    Everything you need to comply with GDPR
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    Improved security to minimise data breaches
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    ​A Privacy Policy that meets GDPR guidelines
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    ​Forms that ask for consent
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    ​Let your customers view/edit/delete data
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    100% 'Peace of Mind' Guarantee!

Time Left To Beat The Deadline:


100% 'Peace of Mind'  Guaranteed


PayPal account is NOT required. Simply click 'Pay by Debit or Credit Card'

100% 'Peace Of Mind' Guarantee

If the work to make your website GDPR compliant isn't completed before the deadline of 25th May, 2018 I will refund every single penny. 

P.S.: You've got to the end and still not decided to make your website compliant? I can only assume that you must have more questions. If you do, please feel free to ask me anything at any time -

Just be aware that I can't extend the guaranteed deal to meet the deadline beyond Tuesday. I need to have my time scheduled as soon as possible (basically I want to know how many nights I'm going to be working). 

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